An Oceanic planet that is two times the size of Earth and with triple the amount of moons.

Description Edit

Viridae is a large planet hidden beyond the Attican Traverse. It's surface is composed of carbon, calcium, and phosphorus. 94% of the surface is submerged in water. The planet's atmosphere consists of 65% Oxygen, 3% Nitrogen, and 10% Hydrogen. It's short distance from the system's sun makes temperature reach as high as 112 °F and only as low as 65 °F. The heat and the large amount of water make the planet humid and riddled by storms while the sky is permanently covered in clouds making the giant ocean unseen from space.

Life Edit

All life on Viridae live in the ocean. Both single-celled and multicellular creatures thrive. multicellular creatures range in size from two centimeters to four hundred feet. lifeforms on Viridae are unique in their reproductive methods as all native species have the options of reproducing sexually and allowing the offspring to form in the womb, asexually reproducing through binary fission, releasing a cloud of spores into the sea, or parasitically injecting eggs into other organisms. About 2% of the planet's 20,000 different species are as smart as or smarter than humans like the Venedril or the Sepiaphin.

Numerous Creatures Edit

Moons Edit

  • Zoea
  • Nauplius
  • Cyprid