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The validus were a highly advanced race and one of the races to stand against the Reapers.

Biology Edit

The validus were extremely evolved creatures. Their faces had no visible mouth or nose yet they could easily breath, eat, and communicate. They stood at an average height of 7 ft, towering over most races. Validus had blueish-gray skin and no hair though they did have tentacle-like appendages on their heads that resembled hair. They had two hearts, three stomaches, and multiple unknown organs. They were extremely intelligent and had slight telepathic abilities.

Technology Edit

Validus technology was highly cultivated and progressive. They managed to create solidified surfaces out of meticulous energy and utilize a plethora of other advanced gadgets. The validus also made use of drones for many tasks such as fighting and construction.

Weaponry Edit

Validus soldiers and ships used a broad variety of weapons, typically high-energy powered beams. These weapons proved to be very effective when battling their enemies. The validus installed and constructed these intricate beam weapons inside their paradigm Arrays, allowing them to build an army of drones without sending any organic troops to the front lines. They did not use solid projectile weaponry but made active use of plasma weaponry. The drones that they designed were more advanced than average drones. Their VI had slightly higher processing power, giving them the ability to do more complex tasks.

Reaper Wars Edit

50,000 years ago, a sentient race of massive machines known as Reapers began a genocidal campaign against all life in the Milky Way Galaxy. They began to wipe out the Protheans quickly as well as other races. A handful of other races were still unaffected by the Reapers but discovered what was happening as a result of the Reapers. They built up massive armies and vowed to take a stand against the Reapers for the sake of the Galaxy. The validus were the first, largest, and most powerful of those races and had sent out massive offensives against the Reapers.

Repear Wars Timeline Edit

Notable Validus Edit