Formed in 2201 CE, the Terminus Systems Alliance is composed of Roduun, Batarian, and Lystheni Salarian forces. The Terminus Systems Alliance, or TSA, was created by the Roduun after being influenced by stories of their ability to take Citadel Space. With an increased ego, Roduun leaders began enlisting the aid of any species that wanted to help them in their new conquest. Within a year, they had two allied races. The TSA is currently enlisting even more Terminus races and are looking into Geth technology to create a synthetic fighting force. All the Terminus Systems were under their control but their territory has been reduced severely. It was thought that the defeat of their leader would destroy the TSA however, and in its last days, the organization was run by a council of Roduun generals.

Allied Races Edit

*The TSA also has synthetic soldiers and mercenaries.

*Devulls were once allied with the TSA aswell.

Years after the disbandment of the Terminus Systems Alliance, it was ressurected and became the Terminus Systems Federation.