Terminus Drones are a special weapon developed by top scientists in the Terminus Systems Alliance. Terminus Drones are synthetic soldiers created from reverse engineered Geth technology. The Terminus Drones were created to increase the manpower and size of the TSA. With the Terminus Drones in action, Terminus armies gained more soldiers, a multitude of outposts attained guards, and hundreds of organic Terminus lives were spared on the battlefield. The drones helped lower Terminus casualties by 10% when they replaced many squads. They have increased strength, speed, and durability to any average geth trooper. The entire Terminus fighting force would have been replaced by Terminus Drones if they werent so expensive and stupid. They can hunt down armies that are spread thin with ease but in a major battle, they are mostly used as cannon fodder. Still, with their limited intelligence, they are feared by many soldiers. The best way to topple a Terminus Drone is sticking with a team of six or seven. This will confuse the machine and nearly overload its targeting system making it easy to destroy. Lone soldiers, however, will be hunted relentlessly. Human soldiers have dubbed the Terminus Drones as "Terminators".