"For 50,000 thousand years, we the Telkines have had to hid in gullibel fear that the Protheans, 'the gods' as we so recklessly called them would save us from the Reapers, But now my brothers and sisters I bring this news with unbridled joy and pride, OUR PARIENCE HAS PAID OFF! Now that the humans have broken the cycle of destruction we can, at long last, reclaim our lost legacy from the arrogent assari, the souless salariens, and worthless turiens. I tell you now that the storm ahead will frout with mith much parrel, but regardless of how many worlds are burned, no matter how many novas are wrot, no matter how many lives are lost, WE SHALL RECLAIM OUR STOLEN HERRITAGE!"
―Emporer Lehon Orion

The Telkines were a race of sentient reptiles that were created 50,000 thousand years ago by the Protheans. They hid in bitter exile from the Reapers on the uncharted planet of Andu, shortly after the defeat of Soverign they began a massive arms build up to invade Citadel Space.

Ten years latter they made first proper conntact with the Citadel and slowly began to undermine the Counsils infestructer by sabotaging key mining and agriculturel worlds, secretly funding batarien terrorist groups (then forcfully dispanding them when they no longer seemed of any use.). As well as researching a cure for the krogen genophage, allowing the quarians to colonizing a system in their space for develpoment purposes.