Tartarus is a world on the edge of the Terminus Systems. Tartarus was once a world filled with a large variety of different creatures but the Geth and Zephyr brought their war to the planet. Since then, the planet was riddled with battlescars and debris. A few years later, Tartarus became a place of interest for many Scrappers and mining companies. Since then, the remains of thousands of starships, FTL drives, and vehicles were left on the planet and a large number of resources were mined. As the years passed, much of the planet's original surface is covered by old ships and scrap metal.

The planet became extremely affected by these events. Much of the the water has become polluted. Some water supplies having an electromagnetic affect which distorts all computers that happen to be anywhere near them. Other water supplies have a slight acidity and anything that happens to die in the water will be dissolved within two weeks. Magnetic fields cover the surface of Tartarus. Floating peices of junk giving off electricity is a common sight on Tartarus. The atmosphere has become slightly toxic and an overcast of orangish-tan clouds constantly cloaks the planet.

Some of the planet's native creators managed to survive. Vegetation grows in the cracks of ship hulls and some naked ground. Smaller creatures were able to evade their natural predators by hiding inside scrap. Even though 30% of the water on the planet has some sort of pollution, it is still drinkable. The creatures began to form adaptations to their new environment like the Resyn that can eat a small amount of metal.

The world has not been left alone. Many Batarians and Lystheni come to the planet to find valuable scrap and some fugitives have decided to make the planet their new home. Tribes of Sedi have come to the planet merely to establish a new life. Their has also been rumors of an extremely powerful and brilliant biotic that lives there.