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The Systems Alliance Naval Special Warfare Group, colloquially known as Naval Special Warfare (SpecWar), was a Special Operations Force of the

Alliance Navy

responsible for conducting direct action operations in the orbital and extra-atmospheric theaters of operation. Furthermore, though not principally tasked to do so, they may also conduct orbital operations to clandestinely infiltrate planetary theaters of operation. 

During times of war, Naval Special Warfare principally conducts spaceborne operations in order to sabotage or capture enemy warships, and during peacetime, performs vessel boarding, search and seizure (VBSS) to detain and search spaceships of interest, and also conducts hostage rescue operations on captured spaceships.

Formations of the Alliance Special Operations Command
Alliance Marine Special Operations Command
Special Airborne Group (1st SFB Delta) · Special Task Aviation Group (3rd SFB Aviation) · 7th Airborne Corps
Alliance Naval Special Operations Command
Naval Special Warfare Group (2nd SFB Naval) · Task Force 13 (TF13)
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