Sepiaphin are jellyfish-like creatures that are native to Viridae.

Biology Edit

Sepiaphin are similar to the Hanar as they are also an intelligent, gelatinous species. Sepiaphin have no legs or arms, only three tentacles that they use to swim quickly through the oceans. They also use the tentacles to feed by sticking them deep into the ocean floor and absorbing nutrients. They have two tiny eyes and no mouth or ears. They communicate through telepathy and see using a highly advanced form of SONAR. Though they are smarter than Humans and any creature on Viridae, their limited resources and sensitiive bodies keep them from expanding through the rest of the galaxy.

Society Edit

Little is known of Sepiaphin society except they have no leaders or followers. Though, highly social creatures, They live solo in mushroom-like structures in the deep sea. They, like all creatures who live alone, reproduce through binary fission or spore dispersal.