The SSV Thunderbird is a huge ship in the Systems Alliance Fleet. It has since become the most highly prized ship in the Citadel Fleet too.


Description: The Thunderbird is the second-largest ship in the Milky Way, dwarfed only by Sovereign. It was built shortly after Sovereign's destruction and has since been in every major military expedition carried out by the Citadel Military. It is the Council's flagship, bristling with guns and on-board soldiers to repel a foot invasion of the ship.

  • Size: 19,000 metres.
  • Speed: 1,230 miles per minute.
  • Weaponry: 250 light cannons, 150 heavy cannons, 200 missile ports and 5000 small turrets.
  • Crew and passengers: Boasts a crew of 280, 735 people. 38,000 soldiers can be carried with around 5000 of those permanently aboard. 300 frigates can be held aboard the Thunderbird as well as 500 support vehicles.

Notable ActionEdit

The Thunderbird's first action was when it was sent to participate in the war against the Reapers. The ship performed extraordinarily well against the eliter AIs, although did lose around half of her crew members at the Battle of the Shadow System, which ended in a Phyrric victory for the Citadel Fleet. After lengthy repairs and the recruitment of a new crew, the Thunderbird headed the invasion of the remaining Reaper space. However, the war was eventually lost to the Citadel Fleet, with the Reapers successfully turning them back at the Battle of Mor Havoc.