The SSV Oslo is a Madrid Class Heavy Cruiser in the System Alliance's 3rd Fleet. The Oslo was one of the first heavy cruisers to be commissioned, it's service stretching from as far back as the First Contact War, though has undergone many minor changes since then. It is named after the capitol city of Norway on Earth.

Design Edit

The Oslo, like other Madrid Class Cruisers, was designed with smooth interstellar travel in mind, as well as exploration. It sports a middleweight drive core, as well as an advanced navigation computer that provides enhanced relaying through comm buoy sonar arrays. Another notable trait is that it harbors a robust amount of fighters and interceptors near the stern, more so than other cruisers, but less than any carrier.

Disappearance and Attack Edit

Captain Lisa Blackburn, unknown to the entire crew was aweigh on an exploration mission approximately two weeks after the Geth attack on the Citadel in 2183, with orders to find suitable locations for the construction of factories and outposts. Disobeying a direct order, she set a course to the Athens system in the Artemus Tau cluster. A week later, an auto distress signal was broadcasted without the consent of Blackburn, signifying that the ship was under attack and had sustained damage (The internal master computer of Madrid class cruisers automatically activate a distress beacon when assaulted). As this was the first Systems Alliance vessel to come under fire by a hostile faction, the Third Fleet was immediatly concerned, and sent one cruiser (SSV Philadelphia), and two frigates (SSV Pavia and SSV Vicksburg) to investigate the disturbance.

Crew Edit

Captain Lisa Blackburn - Commanding Officer (CO)

Staff Commander Vincent Thatch - Executive Officer (XO)

Flight Lieutenant Dennis Hernandez - Helmsman

Lieutenant Commander Emilio Barzini - Chief Navigator

Dr. Orson Roe - Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Staff Lieutenant Robert Bloch - Marine Detail Commander

1st Lieutenant Hau Wan - Requisitions Officer/Quartermaster

2nd Lieutenant Stella Larson - Chief Engineer

Operations Chief Hassan Habar - Master at Arms