Three Katanas

The S1 is a high performance fighter craft used by Citadel Alliance pilots. The Katana was developed primarily for dogfighting and enemy interception, however, it can also stand up to smaller frigates. Katanas make use of mini FTL drives and turbo engines to propel to 800 miles per hour. The S1 is the most capable fighter in the Citadel Alliance. It holds two people, a pilot and a support gunner. The pilots handle all of the crafts main abilities like mobility and primary and secondary weapons while the support gunner handles a support turret which takes out enemies at the rear and incoming missiles. The Katana's standard primary weapon is an armor peircing vulcan cannon on the crafts nose and its secondary standard weapon is torpedo launchers. These weapons can be changed as the craft has interchangeable weapon systems. Katanas also have a slight stealth capability and jam enemy radars.