About Orion Belt Edit

A heavily upgraded Dreadnought; the Orion Belt Dreadnought, or "The Light" as it is known is one of the most feared ships in the galaxy, most probably why it was given the name "The Light" as most people see the Light as they're dying, which gave the Orion Belt Dreadnought its nickname.

Packing a heavy artillery, this big hunk of metal is much the opposite of what you'd expect. It's turning capabilities nearly match that of a Freighter, as it can be quite maneuvarable at times.

It can also travel quite quickly when need be, so this ship packs a punch in battle. Packing around 150-200 fighters in just one hangar alone, the Orion Belt is a force to be reckoned with.

With 3 hangars, that creates a lot of fighters to protect it; not that it needs the protection. With about 30 heavy cannons on each side, and numerous lighter cannons here and there, this ship is considered ultimate death.

The Orion Belt also has 2 seperate hangars near the top front of the ship that dishs out Interceptors. The Orion Belt probably carries around 300 Interceptors.