The Omega Assaulter is an all purpose vehicle developed by the Turians for the CA. The Omega Assaulter, or OA, is the ultimate in land artillery. The OA has the ability to climb all sorts of terrain, jump, and carry soldiers similarly to the Mako. However the size of the vehicle allows for twelve occupants including the driver, co-pilot, and ten passengers. The vehicle can transform from a land vehicle into an air vehicle, boat, and submarine. Unlike the mako that can only drop from a close range to the planets surface, the Omega Assaulter can drop all the way from orbit for suprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies. The vehicle has thick armor with extremely powerful kinetic shields. The unique alloy that the armor is made from allows for exploration in deep sea, lava, and no atmosphere enviroments. The vehicle sports a high caliber assault turret that rips targets to peices with shredder rounds and an antimatter kinetic impacter cannon that devastates even the toughest enemies with a large blast range. The OA has been described by one human soldier as a mini land frigate.