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About Mars Edit

Mars is the personal fighter of Admiral Blade, the commanding officer of Orion Belt.

Packing twin cannons on the front, and loaded with two quite large engines, this ship can be quite a hard fight.

In addition to its heavy firepower, the Mars is also highly maneuverable in combat, being able to do turns almost instantaneously. Its shielding is quite strong, and can withstand a good amount of a beating; but it is not so strong as to withstand a shot from a heavy cannon on a large battle-ship.

Devastating when taking on Fighters or Interceptors, Mars is a strong ship. It can also make short work of a Freighter, and can pretty much do well against a Cruiser. But, it wouldn't stand a chance against a Dreadnought, and far worse against a Carrier, but could use the not too good maneuverability of the Carrier against the Carrier; but a direct shot from either the Dreadnought or the Carrier would instantaneously destroy the Mars.