The Lystheni Shadow is an organization formed by Lystheni. Its purpose is the expansion and dominance of the Lystheni and is not unlike the Human organization of Cerberus. Most of their territory is in the Terminus Systems but they control unknown planets throughout the galaxy even in Citadel space.

Influence Edit

The Shadow secretly have control over hundreds of worlds, though they make their presence known on a couple worlds on purpose. They have mining platforms on planets that are unvisited by any other species and a secret military as powerful as their Salarian counterparts though most of their fighting is carried out by high-priced Krogan and Batarian mercenaries who are secretly hired. They use Quarians to move illegal weapons from Citadel space to expand their weapons trade inside the Terminus Systems and increase the amount of their own arsenal in exchange for cheap technology. They also have hired informants and assasins that go as far as the Salarian homeworld and even the Citadel. Also they have sent hired Batarians to hijack cargo ships and frigates.

Forces Edit

The Lystheni Shadow use Krogan and Batarian mercenaries so that they can build their forces without the risk of losing soldiers. Because of this, their numbers have increased enough to inhabit hundreds of worlds. Their main force is composed of commandos and snipers. Through their research, they have a large number of biotic soldiers. They are also building a fleet from hijacked cargo ships outfitted with strong armor and a large number of weapons.

Controlled Worlds Edit