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Lusia Edit

Basic Info: Lusia is a colony planet inhabited by the asari that was a point of conflict during the Krogan Rebellions. With a decent sized population and good amounts of heavy metals, rare minerals and earth gasses, Lusia has recovered from the Krogan occupation and is well on it's way to becoming an "Import - Export" colony that could hold substantial weight in not only asari politics, but overall Citadel trade.

Planetary Info:

Orbital Period: 3.2 Earth Years

Radius: 3672 km

Day Length: 62.1 Earth Hours

Atmospheric Pressure: 1.19 Earth Atmosphere

Surface Temperature: 29 Celsius

Surface Gravity: 1.44 G

Canon Info: After the Rachni War, the quick-breeding krogan expanded at the expense of their neighbors. Warlords leveraged their veteran soldiers to seize living space while the Council races were still grateful. Over centuries, the krogan conquered world after world. There was always 'just one more' needed. When the Council finally demanded withdrawal from the asari colony of Lusia, krogan Overlord Kredak stormed off the Citadel, daring the Council to take the worlds back.

Story Info: Lusia will be the focal point of the story "The Krogan Rebellions: Lusia" currently being written by EnvelopingShadow