During the Rachni Uprising of 2190, the top Citadel scientists, including Salarians, are working toward a cure for the Krogan genophage due to their agreement to cure the Krogan for their help. By the time the cure is completed and put into production, the Rachni Uprising has ended without the help of the Krogan. Because of this, the cure for the genophage was not given to the Krogan and was locked away in an undisclosed area. This angered many Krogan, though most remained apathetic.

A new secret Krogan organization, The Generation, was soon formed. The Generation's purpose was to pave the way for Krogan that wanted to live a peaceful existance. Most Krogan were told that the genophage cure was destroyed but The Generation got information from a Turian politician they were blackmailing that the cure still existed and was being held at a secret location. The Generation is a peaceful organization but when the time comes they use muscle and any shady technique they can to get vital information. Through this, they were able to get information from politicians, Turian generals, and Salarian scientists that led them to a hidden space station in the Attican Traverse.

When they found the station, a highly trained Krogan infiltrators were able to make his way into the station undetected. The Generation infiltrators just made it out of the station when their ship was detected and followed by two Turian vessels. The Generation was only able to escape when they flew into the Terminus Systems. The Krogan then found a world previously undiscovered by any other species called Epris. Here is where the Generation decided to colonize. They made a decision to not allow the cure to fall in the hands of any other Krogan due to the fact that most Krogan would try to restart the Krogan Rebellions. The cure worked but not like they expected. The females could give girth, but only to about two children. the cure also changed their genetic code to have a lifespan of 700 years.