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Jonathan Spike is a unique case among the human specie. He was born with an unique genetic flaw that gave him the most outstanding Biotic abilities a physical capacities, but left him with massive heart deficiencies. Natural from Eden Prime, Jonathan joins the Alliance Military in hopes to escape from Eden Primes justice after nearly killing a bully who along with three others tried to beat him up.

After the trial he was sent to Macapã in Brazil to receive Basic Combat Training. During a field exercise with live fire Jonathan sent one of his squad members 5 meters in air, when signaling him to run to his spot. The Soldier floated for few seconds landing hard on is back, breaking spinal column, nearly losing his life. The accident led his unit to demand transfer. Jonathan was then reenlisted in the Luna Corps, whee he received Special Reconnaissance Training as well as Physical Therapy in order to minimize his heart flaws and maximize his body frame. After three months of outstanding improvement and basic Biotic training in the Luna Corps, he was encouraged to join the N7's Biotic Recruitment and Evaluation Program, or BREP, aboard Arcturus.

After a few weeks aboard Arcturus Jonathan is put to the test by Alathora Liarad Ibn Sadal, a well knowned and respected Council SPECTRE. The confrontation forced Jonathan into a survival instintive state, nearly destroying part of the station.

Jonathan is a very powerfull biotic, too powerfull for his own body. He has three stages of Biotic Strength: Normal, Rage and Survival.

Normal stage allows him to fully use his biotic powers without having any kind of physical problems. He controls his actions and after hard trainning in Thessa, he became capable of seeing through peoples emotions.

Rage stage is the second stage of strength. While he is inraged jonathan will destroy his surroundings, with out beeing capable of controlling himself. Though his rage is quick to pass, the damage it can provoke is frighting, dangerous to everyone around him. In this stage he is capable of moving objects and send them at kinetic speeds, with just a small movement of his hands, and also create all kinds of force fields.

Survival Stage is the last stage of Strength. Jonathan in this stage becomes little more than an animal, falling to human instincts of survival. His biotic powers maximize and everything around him is either violently pushed away or completely drawn to him. In this stage he can provoke a unique singularity vortex he later will call Supernova, due to its massive capacity to suck all surroundings to it. This stage is also the most dangerous both to his surroundings and himself, sinse his body is pushed to the limit and even beyond resulting in catastrophic internal bleedings, controlled only by close medical monitorization and his rapid cell regenaration.