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Io before upgrades

Io is a geth shock trooper and one of the only surviving geth from the attack on the Citadel decades ago. Io was also a participant in the old invasion of Eden Prime. His survival in these battles proves that he is unlike any other geth soldier as his skill and intelligence has kept him 'alive' for decades. Due to his uniqueness and overall advanced capability, Io became one of the most influential geth to his people. After the defeat of Saren and Sovereign, Io helped to evolve the entire geth civilization. He has captured the inhabitants of small colonies allover the galaxy without leaving a trace and turned all of them into Husk slaves. He has also helped create new geth forms like the Wraiths and Seraphs.
Io 2

Io after upgrades

When the started, Dumo So Reyis wanted to gain control of the geth but they refused due to Io's disapproval. This angered Dumo and he ordered the genocide of the geth. Io would not stand down and through only six battles, managed to run the TSA off and keep them away.His leadership kept the geth alive and they managed to get even more slave labor and supplies from their Terminus enemies. He has led the geth through other wars since then including the Zephyr Wars. Since then, Io has gone through many upgrades and has even become a biotic. Io kept the geth's territory safe from outsiders for years but one day he made a fateful decision to leave their territory and attack a quarian fleet. He, along with other troopers, boarded a ship as they figured this would be an easy raid. Once aboard however, nearly all geth troopers were destroyed with the exception of Io. He was paralyzed by a new quarian weapon called a Destabilizer and was helpless. While in quarian hands, Io was dissected to the point of near-death and stored in a locker. He was later discovered by another synthetic named Del and was able to escape. After being rescued, Io was taken to Oma Prime which was a major geth world. Once arriving, he was heavily upgraded and reclaimed his ability to lead the geth. His new objective was to eradicate the quarians indefinetly as well as any other organics that get in his way.