Dioseem is a world recently discovered to be controlled by the Jiral. It is a very important world to the Jiral as it is used to heal injured troops, produce equipment, and shelter high-ranking Jiral officials. The Citadel Alliance sends a 1,000,000 man invasion force here to avenge the deaths on Pios Ectos. The Jiral never expected for the Humans or anyone else to find worlds they control so Dioseem was only lightly defended. Citadel fleets broke through the small defense and quickly destroyed most of the planets surface including thousands of unsuspecting Jiral. Landing teams managed to retrieve large amounts of the Jiral's information aswell as locations of other Jiral-controlled areas. The Citadel forces take advantage of the Jiral's naivity and attack Jiral bases and manage to kill 770,000 Jiral troops before the Jiral wisen up. Jiral forces begin to ambush the large Citadel fleets. The fleets are so heavily hit that they are forced to retreat back to Dioseem. The Jiral follow them in an atempt to retake Jiral and a large battle follows. The battle is short and the Jiral are forced to retreat to calculate a new battle tactic. The remaining areas of Dioseem that are inhabitable and lightly damaged are turned into Citadel bases. From here, the Citadel Alliance prepares battle plans to attack other worlds, primarily Si.