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Hector Derek Clyde
Biographical information
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Physical description

Corporal (Navy:Serviceman 3rd class)







  • Crossfire assault rifle
  • Punisher sniper rifle
  • Brawler pistol
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Chronological and political information

Systems Alliance


Hector Clyde is a Flash Recon Trooper (Meaning very quick, high-risk mission operative) specializing in assault rifles and sniper rifles. Hector was a Corporal in the Maran Combined Forces group.

Maran Combined Forces groupEdit

The Maran Combined Forces group is a combined race group. There were turians and humans in it, although the turians were the higher-ranking portion and received more recognition in participation than the humans. Clyde was in the Azkon Team, which consisted of 3 turians, (Karatek Hedarios, Noron Katarian, and Gorgon Traitos) and 3 humans, (Hector Clyde, William Jakobs, and Justin Howlett). Gorgon was the leader and a former spectre but was kicked out as he killed the wrong target, or since he was set up. Noron was a C-sec agent who left and join the Spec. Corp. Karatek was a Shadow Broker agent who came clean and joined the army. William was a highly efficient bounty hunter in the Citadel who was abducted by Fist, escaped and joined the army to get away from the Citadel, and Justin joined after his parents were killed on a facility in Nodacrux and was rescued by Turian Special Operators. Azkon team has been inserted into exactly 12 missions.

Casbin, transponder from an STG, Success STG rescued
Feros, Cleanup, Success colonies rebuilt
Citadel, low-profile spying on shadow broker and fist, failure Gorgon Traitos KIA
SSV Aurora, Geth, Success civialians rescued
Petronias, Batarian Extremist, Success Batarian killed
Citadel, Blue Suns, Succes Blue Suns lieutenant killed
Noveria, Anoleis broke out, succes Anoleis captured
Illium, Eclipse, failure Hector clyde injured
Omega, Covert Op on Vorcha, success Vorcha plan recovered
Mars, Batarian extremist, success Batarian killed
Erinie, Mine cave-in caused by Geth, Failure Karatek Hedarios and Justin Howlett KIA Geth escaped