The following is a template for fanfiction. This is, as of now, a recommended format but not a required one.

Table of ContentsEdit

Wikia will automatically create this for you. Take a look at the "code" for this page and you'll see the only thing I've done other than enter text is put two equals signs on both sides of each heading. Use only one equals sign for major headings like Disclaimer and Story, and two for chapters and such.


A disclaimer is basically a statement that you don't own the original fandom material, in this case Mass Effect, and that you make no profit from your fanfic. It's a legal formality that you should include just in case.

Story ProfileEdit

Here you should put basic information about your story to help readers decide if it's the kind of story they're looking to read. This should include:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Beta reader, if applicable
  • Length in words
  • Rating, preferably using the fiction ratings system
  • A short summary or teaser

Actual StoryEdit

Rather self-explanatory, I should think. Use section headings to separate chapters.

Author's NotesEdit

Please do not include these in the main body of your story. If they are chapter specific, include links to separate chapter notes at the end of the relevant chapters.

The Author's Notes section is a good place to thank your beta and anyone else who helped you out, to offer insight into your writing process, and to thank readers.

Related LinksEdit

Link to any character, etc. pages here.

End NotesEdit

For an example of this format, see The Shores of Infinity.

This concludes version 1.1 of the fanfiction template, written by HighTime 22:00, 20 June 2009 (UTC)