Dumo So Reyis wearing mask

Dumo So Reyis was the supreme overlord of the roduun and leader of the Terminus Systems Alliance. Every attack by the TSA was developed by Dumo's war-oriented mind. Since he was young, Dumo has been in the military. He joined earlier than most roduun children because his mother died when he was very young and without a mother, no one would be able to support him since most fathers join the military. During his time in the roduun military, he's seen many battles and has slaughtered thousands of foes single-handedly.

When he was at the young age 40 of years old, he slaughtered his own unit in the desert and injured himself to make it seem like he was a sole survivor of a deadly onslaught. When found by a patrol, he told them that his unit was ambushed by a heavy enemy squad and he did everything he could to save them. After this, he was quickly admired by younger soldiers for his "bravery". Soon he became a general and led his armies to conquer many worlds.

Through his battles, he's become brutal, ruthless, and maimed. Through his many battles, he's recieved a large number of injuries which he regards as trophies. Both his right arm and left leg hag been replaced with synthetic limbs not to mention the many scars of different sizes and shapes on his body. The more battles he went into, the less scars he recieved showing his growing knowledge of the battlefield. One day, he faced 100 enemy soldiers by himself and didnt recieve a single scratch. With this accomplishment, he is viewed as the greatest warrior in the history of the roduun. With an inflated ego, he soon challenged the roduun overlord to a duel which he won. With his new found power and title of overlord, Dumo So Reyis led the roduun to become one of the strongest forces in Terminus space. Later he formed the Terminus Systems Alliance and invaded Citadel space. Dumo So Reyis' weapons of choice are custom-made swords with guns attached. One blade has a shotgun and the other has a sniper rifle. He was later killed by humans when he occupied the Citadel.