Ameobrums are the largest species native to Viridae

Biology Edit

The Ameobrum are the largest creatures on Viridae at four hundred feet long. They can live for up to 900 years and, unlike most creatures on Viridae, they are only able to form three or four eggs in their lifetime. They can reproduce through binary fission but this will result in none of their eggs being able to hatch. The Ameobrum is the only creature unable to produce spores or inject eggs in other creatures leaving their population at a stable number. Ameobrum feed on all creatures on Viridae and their ability to withstand attacks from almost anything make them feared by all. They especially like to eat Canserus and Venedril hive cities. They make little to no contact with other Ameobrum except for once a year. Despite their size, Ameobrum are just as smart as Humans though their size make them unable to leave Viridae.

Society Edit

Ameobrum make little to no contact with other Ameobrum except for once a year. This exceptional period is when Ameobrum from all over the world gather at the deepest abyss in the planet. During this time they mate and converse with eachother and where they make claims to different seas as their territories. When this is over, they celebrate the occasion by feasting on large numbers on Canserus and Venedril hives. This period is especially hated by the Venedril.